~Ruminating on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty while poking the zeitgeist with a sharp stick.

Welcome to Poiema. Due to the untimely death of the blogosphere, and at the encouragement of friends and supporters, I am launching this newsletter. It is my intention to address a wide variety of subjects—everything from Aaron’s Beard to Zydeco Music.

I am laboring under the assumption that a full-orbed, Christian vision can speak about Christ and everything else without ever having to change the subject. This is an attempt to blur the artificial lines between the secular and the sacred so that we may see the world as it is before the face of God. In short, it will add my own amen to the claim of Christ’s absolute lordship over all of life and living. Just so, Poiema will be ordered just like our world is ordered—with purposeful whimsy.

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Telling Stories (While Poking the Zeitgeist with a Sharp Stick)


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